Dr Herman

Dr. Herman

Dr. Herman is a native Malagasy Primatologist and Bio-statician gratuated from the State University of Antananarivo specializing in ecological parasite . He has worked with Awesome Madagascar tours since its inception as a lemur expert and lecturer.

Dr. Herman was invited to participate in the world famous Madagascar documentary film IMAX as a scientist.

He has also participated in major national and international conferences through different wildlife organizations like International Primatological society and Groupe d’études et de Recherche sur les Primates de Madagascar (GERP).

He has a wealth of knowledge about the natural history as well as the tropical pristine rainforest and dry decidious forest of Madagascar, which has allowed to him to travel around the world including USA, Europe and Africa.

Herman is always delighted to share with his guests the beauty and the natural richeness of his amazing country.