AWESOME MADAGASCAR TOURS is a local Malagasy tour company founded by husband and wife team, Diary and Mihaja, who are devoted to offering amazing adventures to passionate travelers.

It is Diary and Mihaja’s belief that organizing tours is a mixture of Art and inspiration.

Not only will they show their guests the incredible wildlife and scenery that is unique to their country; but are always delighted to share the “Personal Touch” with their guests by immersing them in the intriguing culture and day to day life of the malagasy people.

Diary and Mihaja are proud to share the natural talents and history that they have inherited from their ancestors to ensure that your time in Madagascar will be like no other.

For over a decade; Diary Andrianampoina has led many tours from wildlife to cultural throughout Madagascar. It is our proud achievement that over the years; many international journalists and travel editors have written highly complementary article about Diary in recognition of his dedication, deep interest and knowledge of the wildlife and cultural aspects of his country.


English-Speaking guide - 17 years
French-Speaking guide - 10 years
Russian-Speaking guide - 5 years
Other - 2 years
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Our attention to detail is undisputed

One month prior to departure, we send our guests a final detailed day by day program complete with updated vital information regarding the trip including expected weather conditions, recommended packing list, sightseeing information, health and safety advice, and currency matters.

On the day of arrival, we will have a one hour orientation. This is to provide final information based on the day to day program we have sent a month prior, as well as to double-check any specific needs that our guests may have (eg. allergies, dietary requirements). This will also give us an opportunity to inform local guides and providers in advance so that problems can be avoided.

Our innovative and inspirational ideas are the hallmark of our company success

We are dedicated to ensuring that our guests get the most from their holiday by providing additional daily activities not offended by other operators.

The strength of our partnership is undisputed

We work with carefully selected hotels and providers. Our friendly local guides are experts in their fields and specialists in their local region. Many are also talented entertainers, story tellers and musicals which will add to your tour experience.

Our anticipation and time-keeping is the pride of our company

We subscribe to the idea that planning ahead is the key success.

Our devoted team will be at your disposal at all times to ensure the success of your tour.

Our organization works with communities to support and promote conservation

We are committed to using tourism to help preserve local cultures, protect the local environment, foster community involvement and to make conservation good business for local communities and authorities.

We actively promote responsible tourism.