Diary Andrianampoina, owner of Awesome Madagascar Tours has 17 years of experience in the field of tourism and guiding.


We are specialized in tourist guidance in English, Russian and French language.


We can treat your requests and organize your trip to Madagacsar according to your budget.


A multidisciplinary team, specialized in the field of sustainable tourism, eco-tourism, cultural and musical tourism is always at your service.

Welcome to Awesome Madagascar Tours!

Wildlife & Culture Experts

About Our Company

AWESOME MADAGASCAR TOURS is a local Malagasy tour company founded by husband and wife team, Diary and Mihaja, who are devoted to offering amazing adventures to passionate travelers.

It is Diary and Mihaja’s belief that organizing tours is a mixture of Art and inspiration.


We sell tours and trips

We sell tours and trips for leisure and business on all destination in Madagascar. We sell tours and trips for leisure and business on all destination in Madagascar.

We satisfy your dream

Our goals are to satisfy the dream trip of our customers and to garant the best travelling experience for all of them.

We design unique products

We design unique products turned towards responsible and sustainable tourism charms that grant, encounters and discoveries of authentic destination.

We preserve the rich potential Of our island

Our purpose is to preserve the rich potential Of our island and to discover his treasures.

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Sample Of Itineraries

Why the guests book with us?


To make sure that your Madagascar holiday can live on as lifetime highlight

To immerse you in the fascinating history and rich culture of Madagascar

To maximize your time exploring the wildlife hotspots in Madagascar

To guarantee you that your travel fatigue turns into the endless fascination at the discovery of Madagascar’s beauty


Our attention to detail is undisputed

One month prior departure, we send the guests a final detailed day by day program with an updated vital infor mation respecting the trip including the weather conditions, essential items to take, sightseeing information, health and currency matters and safety,etc.

On the day of arrival, we systematically have a 1h- orientation. The aim is to provide a final information based on the detailed program we have sent a month ahead as well as to double-check should they need specific needs or care ( Eg: allergy, scare of insects,etc.). The idea is also to importantly inform local guides and providers ahead so that problems will be avoided.

Our innovative and inspirational ideas are the hallmark of our company success
Even our guests get the most out of the day activities, we are always caring and devoted to creating daily indelible surprises for them, which, the other operators have never experienced.
The strength of our partnership is undisputed
We work with carefully selected hotels and providers. Our expert guides and leaders are very warm-hearted naturalists and talented in such many ways (tour entertainers, story tellers, musicians, trip facilitators, etc.).
Our anticipation and time-keeping is the pride of our company
We subscribe to the idea that planning ahead is the tour success. We are a tireless running company, for us, GMT issue does not exist and our devoted team would always be at your disposal at any time you wish.

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